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  1. In a first 

At the inaugural South Asian New York Fashion Week, Mayyur Girotra displayed some of his breathtakingly alluring creations (SANYFW) Mayyur Girotra, one of the foremost experts in South Asian fashion, displayed Zamani, one of his most well-known ideas.

  1. Grandeur of lehengas

Every piece in Mayyur’s most recent collection, Zamani, displayed a variety of Indian craftsmanship. It was a mash-up of numerous distinctive Indian designs that caught the attention of the audience in diverse ways. The evocative idea, which draws inspiration from the past, is sure to enchant viewers and entice them to try their hand at traditional Indian textile manufacturing.

  1. Redefining opulence

Mayyur expertly portrayed the contrast between each piece of clothes on the wearer by contrasting blacks and whites with the hues of India. Through various designs, he gave the audience the opportunity to write their own story while showcasing a “endless saga of love.”

  1. ​About SANYFW

It is an initiative that brings South Asian designers from across the world to the global stage in New York City. It has been established as a pioneer to showcase and uplift South Asian fashion inspired by traditional and modern South Asian attire and culture.

  1. Beguiling collection

Designer Mayyur Girotra expressed her gratitude for the affiliation by stating, “I genuinely feel honoured to represent South Asian couture at SANYFW, presenting its nostalgic tradition at an international platform. We are pleased to exhibit the magnificent craftsmanship from the subcontinent, which exudes regal stateliness and sparkling beauty. For eight years, the MG couture brand has broken down barriers and been one of the most adored companies in the USA. We are thrilled to present our collection on a runway.