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After launching the brand more than 20 years ago, Shantnu& Nikhil is now expanding their store presence by stepping foot in NammaOoru. S&N, a bridge-to-luxury label that has found its first Bengaluru home at Phoenix Market City, was recently launched by the designers behind the namesake brand. At VittalMallya Road, a new store will open in September. The other half of the designer team, ShantnuMehra, who was recently in Bengaluru for the store’s debut, claims that “S&N is nothing but a trickle-down effect of Shantnu& Nikhil.” 70% of S&N’s offerings are geared toward males, with the other 30% being women’s clothing and accessories-related solutions. S&N is primarily a menswear company. S&N keeps things festive even though the main brand is all about ceremonial dress. There is a feeling of modernity.

The brothers, who are renowned for being notoriously anti-trend in their designs, follow the same philosophy when conceptualizing the S&N brand. The bridge-to-luxury market is yet unexplored in India, according to Shantnu, who claims that while most foreign brands have established the parameters for what bridge-to-luxury is, no Indian designer has yet to reach that sweet spot. “With couture, it’s either at the top of the fashion food chain, or it becomes overly mass market. Nothing rests in the stomach, he continues.

And that is precisely the goal of S&N. As an illustration, the statement shirts they sell begin at 8,000. Although the costs are less expensive compared to the mother brand (price upon request).