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Shop Your Way to Big Wins with the Tata Neu Rewards League

Published: May 6, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain
  • Shop, book, pay bills, and more to collect badges
  • Earn extra NeuCoins with every badge
  • Collect 5 badges to earn 2000 extra NeuCoins 
  • Collect 10 badges for a Taj Experiences dining voucher worth ₹5000

As the excitement of the Tata IPL 2024 increases with each passing day, so does the excitement at Tata Neu. The highly rewarding Tata Neu Rewards League is back in its 2nd edition with the opportunity to play and earn rewards up to INR 15,000.

The Tata Neu Rewards League, which is open for participation until 31st May 2024, offers customers the opportunity to win different types of Rewards League badges, which can be viewed on the badge dashboard.

These rewards are categorized into three types: 
  1. Base NeuCoins – as obtained through routine transactions on Tata Neu and affiliated brands 
  2. Badge NeuCoins – earned alongside Rewards League Badges
  3. Milestone Rewards – additional incentives granted upon achieving specific milestones, such as accumulating a predetermined number of Rewards League Badges

Getting started on this thrilling shopping and rewards journey is easy – all you have to do is start shopping on Tata Neu, and every transaction you make during this period will count towards the Tata Neu Rewards League, on partner brands.

The collection of each Rewards League Badge will award customers with a certain number of NeuCoins as mentioned below: 
  • Neu Beginnings: New users of Tata Neu who complete their first transaction (minimum order value of INR 500) in specified categories will earn 150 Badge NeuCoins.
  • Grocery Guru: Users who complete five grocery transactions, each with a minimum order value of INR 500, will receive 200 Badge NeuCoins.
  • Flying Champ: Completing a flight booking on the Tata Neu App with a minimum order value of INR 10,000 earns users 500 Badge NeuCoins.
  • Gadget Genius: Making an electronics transaction of at least INR 10,000 will grant users 250 Badge NeuCoins.
  • Food Fanatic: Users who complete four food orders, each with a minimum value of INR 400, will earn 150 Badge NeuCoins.
  • Wellness Warrior: Completing two transactions for medicine or health check-ups, each with a minimum order value of INR 1000, will earn users 150 Badge NeuCoins.
  • Trendsetter: Making a transaction on specified platforms with a minimum order value of INR 2,000 earns users 200 Badge NeuCoins.
  • Luxe Enthusiast: Completing a transaction on Tata CLiQ luxury with a minimum order value of INR 10,000 earns users 750 Badge NeuCoins.
  • Jewellery Lover: Completing a transaction on Tanishq with a minimum order value of INR 15,000 earns users 750 Badge NeuCoins.
  • Vacationer: Completing a hotel booking on IHCL with a minimum order value of INR 20,000 earns users 1,000 Badge NeuCoins.
  • NeuCard Ninja: Five successful NeuCard referrals earn users 1,000 Badge NeuCoins.
  • Budget Booster: Users receive 500 NeuCoins upon successful loan disbursal of INR 50,000 or more for applications submitted on the same day.
  • Bill Slayer: Paying five bills, each with a minimum order value of INR 300 or more, earns users 100 NeuCoins.
  • UPI Champ: Completing a UPI transaction using a Rupay Credit Card of INR 1,000 or more earns users 100 Badge NeuCoins.

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