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SATO Launches “Touch Bindaas SATO Ke Saath” Campaign to Mark Global Hand Hygiene Day

Published: November 2, 2023

SATO, the award-winning social business part of LIXIL Group, proudly announces its latest campaign “Touch Bindaas SATO Ke Saath to mark Global Handwashing Month campaign. This innovative campaign is a testament to SATOs unwavering commitment to promoting the significance of hand hygiene, not only for a healthier life but also for boosting self-confidence and the freedom to engage with the world fearlessly.

SATO Launches “Touch Bindaas SATO Ke Saath” Campaign

As part of its purpose to create a lasting social impact and enhance living conditions in society, SATO aims to empower individuals with handwashing solutions that enable them to touch, learn, eat, and live without inhibition. At the heart of this campaign are SATO Taps, an innovative, portable and affordable solution that requires no running water and allows handwashing with as little as 100 ml of water per use.

SATO Launches “Touch Bindaas SATO Ke Saath” Campaign

Commenting on the campaign, Anandita Kakkar – Leader Marketing, South Asia, LIXIL said, “As a part of the LIXIL Group, SATO’s purpose is to empower people everywhere to live a better life and a brighter future through innovative sanitation and hygiene solutions. Touch Bindaas SATO Ke Saath not only underscores our commitment to improving hygiene standards but also our belief in the power of cleanliness to empower individuals. We hope that this campaign is a catalyst for change in the way people perceive and practice hand hygiene.

Appealing to audiences from all walks of life, this campaign captures the essence of childrens boundless confidence and fearlessness in living life to the fullest. It showcases enchanting mood shots of kids and their “bindaas” (carefree) attitude, rekindling the joy and simplicity of being able to touch and interact with the world around them.

With a strong distribution network spread across 6 countries – India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria; SATO Taps are manufactured in six facilities across India which ensures cost-effectiveness and broad distribution. Keeping the product affordable, SATO launched this product with a price tag of Rs. 210 in India. The taps are now fully available for its partners, institutional and retail purchase. Also, the brand aims to launch it on the e-commerce marketplace.

Visit the SATO Tab page to learn more: ​​

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