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Published: August 29, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Many of the trends that defined that era—low-rise pants (which my mom used to make me return), fitted tanks (which I once wore layered atop one another), and sporty sunglasses have all made a return to the trend cycle. “It’s been over a decade since the aughts ended, so the era is due for a revival,” says Charles Gorra, CEO and founder of Rebag. “Gen Z was old enough to live through Y2K fashion, but they never got to wear it as adults. Plus Gossip Girl and Sex and the City, television shows that were influential for their fashion, both had revivals.” Gorra says that when it comes to accessories, he observes not only the return of the era’s It-bags like Fendi’s Baguette or Balenciaga’s Moto, but also of other designer accessories like chain belts.

Love them or hate them, there’s no avoiding the fact that the defining styles of the 2000s are back once again. Ahead, find photo proof—in the form of street style trendsetters and celebrities illustrating the modern takes on the trends of two decades ago. So, zip up your track jacket, throw on your best bucket hat, and check out the trends of the aughts that are once again worth noticing.

1) The Waist Belt

With the rise of boho style, loose floaty dresses of the 2000s got a little cinch thanks to the belt. A chain style, or something more bohemian like a cinched rope iteration, are reflective of the time.

2) The Miniskirt

MiuMiu’s runways have helped to usher in the return of the teeny-tiny miniskirt.

3)The Artist Tee

Pre-social media, one of the best ways to show off your interests to others was through your T-shirt. An artist tee was the way to display your taste.

4)The Shrunken Tank Top

The white tank has returned as a favorite styling staple this summer. Dressed up or down, it’s comfy, casual, and cool.

5) The Denim on Denim

Who can ever forget Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s 2001 coordinated red carpet denim looks.

6) The Plastic Accessories

These aren’t your childhood jelly sandals. Sleek, clear plastic pumps and bags are a cool way to play with texture.

7) The Thong Sandals

Heeled thong sandals have made a return as a must-try footwear choice among the street style set.

8) The Camo Print

Despite its origins, camo print is not intended to blend in when worn today.

9) The Tube Top

Forgo straps and embrace the return of the tube top—both in casual cotton and dressier iterations.

10) The Scarf Dress

Floaty scarf dresses were a go-to on Sex And The City. Today, they’re a playful alternative to tight-fitting designs.

11) The Scarf Dress

Floaty scarf dresses were a go-to on Sex And The City. Today, they’re a playful alternative to tight-fitting designs.

12) The Sporty Sunglasses

Meant for more than sunny workouts, sleek, futuristic sunglasses have made a comeback.

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