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Reliance Retail Expands Reach with Exclusive Brands in B2B Fashion Push

Published: January 3, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Reliance Retail, a dominant force in India’s apparel sector, is embarking on a strategic expansion by broadening the distribution of clothing and fashion merchandise to third-party stores. The initiative involves curating an exclusive portfolio of more than 50 brands, including Silkfeet, Jivers, Xlerate, Feet Up, Dhuni by Avaasa, Riva, John Player Select, Kidlyboo, and Altair. The company plans to triple this number in the near future, signaling a robust push into the business-to-business (B2B) segment.

Under the Ajio Business banner, Reliance Retail aims to extend its fashion footprint beyond its existing stores, tapping into significant growth prospects. This venture leverages the company’s established network of third-party stores within the apparel distribution sphere, with a particular focus on reaching diverse markets, including rural areas. The distribution expansion is expected to scale up significantly by the forthcoming spring-summer season.

Reliance’s strategy includes introducing a diverse range of apparel and fashion brands across various categories, specifically targeting the value and mid-premium segments. These products will be made available through numerous third-party retailers, aligning with the company’s mission to bring organization to the unorganized sector of the apparel retail market.

Executives involved in the initiative emphasized the vast potential of the unorganized apparel retail market, predicting that Reliance’s B2B apparel business could potentially surpass the revenue generated by its own retail stores within the next five years. This ambitious move is not only about strengthening the company’s presence but also about making a substantial impact on the broader retail landscape.

Furthermore, Reliance is diversifying its Ajio Business by incorporating renowned apparel and fashion brands into its distribution network. Brands such as Campus, Khadim’s, Liberty, Biba, Globaldesi, Lotto, and Adidas are set to be part of this expansion, enriching the portfolio and catering to a wider audience.

In essence, Reliance Retail’s strategic maneuver is a testament to its commitment to innovation and market leadership, as it seeks to redefine the dynamics of the Indian apparel retail landscape by combining exclusivity, distribution efficiency, and a focus on untapped markets.

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