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RAS Luxury Oils Rebrands as ‘RAS’ to become a leading Indian skincare brand

Published: July 7, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

RAS Sets Its Sights on Global Expansion, Empowering Skincare with Nature’s Essence

RAS, formerly known as RAS Luxury Oils, has recently rebranded itself to solidify its position as a prominent Indian farm-to-face skincare brand. Initially focusing on pure, potent oils, the company has now broadened its product range to include a comprehensive selection of research-backed skincare solutions for every step of a skincare routine. The name ‘RAS’ is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘essence’ and ‘happiness,’ reflecting the brand’s commitment to extracting nature’s essence to nurture and reveal the skin’s healthiest and happiest form.

Since its inception in 2017, RAS has strived to address the lack of transparency in the Indian skincare industry and build consumer trust. By offering natural products infused with active botanicals that deliver tangible results, RAS aims to become a global brand from India, empowering individuals with healthy and radiant skin.

Purity, transparency, and responsibility remain the brand’s core pillars. The redesigned logo, featuring a drop emerging from the letter ‘A,’ symbolizes the purity inherent in each of RAS’s products. The brand continues to prioritize clean and effective formulations, harnessing the power of nature and the benefits of aromatherapy. RAS has always incorporated healing Indian herbs and botanicals into its blends, and the new visual identity reinforces this commitment. RAS endeavors to bridge the gap between traditional Indian beauty formulations and expensive imported products by offering locally produced blends that deliver exceptional performance. Recognizing the importance of simplifying beauty routines, RAS has developed multipurpose products that address various concerns and steps. With an expanded portfolio comprising over 85 SKUs, RAS now offers hair, skin, and body care products beyond its initial focus on face and body oils. Their exceptional quality has led to collaborations with luxury hotel chains like St. Regis and the provision of in-flight beauty kits for Vistara’s premium fliers on long-haul flights.

“We are thrilled to unveil our rebranding as ‘RAS’ and showcase our evolution into a comprehensive skincare brand,” said Shubhika Jain, Co-founder and CEO of RAS. “By offering research-backed products that prioritize purity and effectiveness, we aim to redefine the Indian skincare industry. Our commitment to clean formulations, active botanicals, and transparency remains unwavering as we continue to nurture and reveal the essence of nature for healthier and happier skin. With our new identity, we aspire to become a global brand from India, instilling confidence and adding happiness to people’s lives through their skin’s health.”

“Embodying the principle of vertical integration, RAS oversees each stage of product development, from sourcing high-quality, naturally-grown botanicals to the formulation of final products. This allows for meticulous quality control and an unswerving commitment to authenticity. At the same time, RAS is deeply connected to its roots, consciously sourcing ingredients from their own farms along with an inhouse DSIR-approved R&D unit. With sustainability at the heart of its operations, RAS ensures that the cultivation process is devoid of growth-promoting chemicals. Moreover, their direct partnerships with farmers facilitate improved income generation, contributing to a better quality of life for these local communities.”

In addition to the rebranding efforts, RAS recently trademarked the phrase ‘Farm To Face’ and introduced a new beauty category called Farm Fresh. This category offers seasonal and limited-edition products crafted from raw materials that would otherwise go to waste during the production of their permanent line. RAS has also secured external funding, including $2 million from Sixth Sense Ventures in 2022 and $1.5 million from Green Frontier Capital earlier this year. These investments will support RAS in expanding its physical presence, starting with the opening of its first standalone store in Raipur, the brand’s hometown. Furthermore, RAS has ambitious plans for global expansion, targeting the USA and UAE in the near future.

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