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-By Ankita Dutta.

The podcast curated by the YouTube personality, Ranveer Allahbadia, has teamed up with the trendiest fashion entity of India, Ajio, forging a seamless liaison between two prominent players in their respective domains.

The Ranveer Show (TRS), a podcast hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia, welcomes AJIO as its first brand partner after regularly ranking first in the nation for years. As the Indian content market’s longest-running IP, TRS is prepared to premiere its most recent series with AJIO on April 21, 2023. With a stellar yet unique guest cast that includes Neeraj Chopra, Honey Singh, KL Rahul, Urfi Javed, and Suniel Shetty in addition to Buddhism Monk Palga Rinpoche, Polygot Abhijit Chavda, and KL Rahul, it will have 16 episodes total and be available in both Hindi and English.

The “The Ranveer Show” and AJIO brand alliance intends to showcase outstanding success stories from a variety of categories, including sports, entertainment, fashion, OTT, and spirituality; symbolising a perfect union between their two aligned goals. AJIO will choose Ranveer’s outfit for each episode while taking the guest on the show’s personality, plot, and vibe into consideration.

Ranveer has contributed significantly to the growth of Indian content throughout the years by producing thought-provoking, diversified, and free content for his audience both within and outside of the Indian subcontinent. His show TRS, affectionately referred to as “Fashion bhaiyya” by his over 16 million viewers, is poised to become India’s first-ever fashion-focused podcast as a result of its relationship with AJIO. Through this collaboration, AJIO will engage with the show’s varied audience demographics and touch base with a variety of personalities and content genres, while Ranveer will benefit from the enormous TG that AJIO brings with it! For TRS, this affiliation is really a first step towards developing brand alliances.

“This is a very big moment for not just me but the entire Podcasting Community,” said Ranveer Allahbadia, better known by his stage name BeerBiceps, a digital content creator, podcaster, entrepreneur, and investor. For the past four years, we have worked to establish a podcasting culture in India, and this partnership is evidence of our ongoing efforts to promote discourse that advances India’s intellect and curiosity. I am overjoyed and thrilled that AJIO has joined the team. When you consider it, AJIO and our trajectories have always been in sync. The most famous people from all areas of life will appear on TRS and tell their experiences to the world, which you will get to watch. What makes this unique is that AJIO styles me differently in each episode according to the unique theme created by the guest’s attributes and background. It makes me so happy when folks watch this show. Thus, I am extremely appreciative of everything.”

Ankita Dutta.