Fashion Week Update

Ralph Lauren’s most recent fashion presentation goes for minimalism over lavishness.

Published: May 2, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Over the years, Ralph Lauren has staged several spectacular fashion shows, such as taking over Central Park for a lavish anniversary celebration or hosting a runway show with his iconic vehicle collection. However, he chose to keep things minimal for his Fall/Holiday 2024 collection—at least, minimal in a Ralph Lauren way. This meant a small-scale event on Monday night at his New York City offices’ (relatively) tiny design studio.

With the arrival of muse and supermodel Christy Turlington, now 55, in a chic beige wool coat, Lauren opened his show on a note of timelessness – his longtime ethos – in front of a typically star-studded front row that included actors Glenn Close, Jessica Chastain, Kerry Washington, Rebecca Hall, and Jodie Turner-Smith. The designs included relaxing neutral tones such as tans, browns, greys, black, and metallics. The soft color palette was used for both daytime and evening attire, including fitted coats, sweaters with slacks, and sequined dresses.

Close had on a white suit from Lauren. The actor remarked, “This is a very, very special suit that was made just for me.” Particular. A period of five years ago. It brought me a SAG award. Thus, here I am. It seems equally lovely. Wearing something like this only once is a shame. Close continued, saying that she was raised in New England where “the mentality was, you buy something that has great quality and then you wear it until it wears out.”

David, Lauren’s son and an executive at the business, talked about the challenge of coming up with fresh ideas every season. However, a philosophy exists, A style exists.” With Wintour’s Met Gala coming up in exactly a week, David Lauren was asked if the label would be dressing any stars.

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