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Rahul Mishra named this collection “We, the People” in honour of his brand’s workers

Published: July 17, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

The theme for Rahul Mishra’s latest collection came to him during a flight from Paris to India following the previous couture season. The breaking news that India was soon to become the world’s most populous country sparked a profound reflection on the significance of people to his eponymous brand. Mishra realized that the brand’s very existence owed its gratitude to the individuals who have supported and contributed to its journey.

Recognizing the essential role of people, Mishra contemplated the brand’s responsibility towards them. He understood that the success and growth of his namesake label were intricately intertwined with the relationships and connections forged along the way. The collection, therefore, aimed to celebrate and honor these invaluable bonds.

As Mishra delved deeper into his contemplation, he began to appreciate the diversity and richness that people bring to the brand. Each person involved, from artisans and craftsmen to collaborators and clients, adds a unique layer to the brand’s identity. Their collective efforts and contributions form the fabric of Rahul Mishra’s creative vision. By acknowledging the significance of individuals, Mishra sought to create a collection that encapsulated their stories and experiences. The garments became vessels through which these narratives could be woven, showcasing the brand’s deep appreciation for the people who have made it what it is today.

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