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The 52nd edition of Portugal Fashion at Porto’s fashion week was held from March 14–18, 2023. Its purpose? to create a convergent short circuit dynamic that brings a flourishing local industry, local, and worldwide designers together on one stage.

According to Monica Neto, director of Portugal Fashion, the fashion division of the Anje association (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) in partnership with the ATP, “the challenge of Portugal Fashion is to promote our national brands, especially the young ones, and to connect them with industrialists” (Portuguese Textile Association).

The event was place in an old garage that was recently renovated on Rua Latino Coehlo in Porto. It is challenging to organise an alternative event to the prominent fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York, or London in the current climate (increasing prices, war, etc.). “A B2B event, Portugal Fashion targets the press, buyers, brand clients, as well as fashion schools. However, this year’s shortage of funding prevented us from recruiting as many foreign buyers as we would have liked, “the director said.

The showing that the Portuguese industry goes hand in hand with the birth of creative brands, made in short circuits, is a fact and not anecdotal, even though the difficulty of wholesale marketing needs to be overcome. The presentation of the Ernest W. Baker brand, which effectively plays the made in Portugal card, serves as confirmation.