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Pop Artist Zaeden’s ‘Sol’ Teams Up with Siddartha Tytler for New ‘Unchained’ Fragrance!

Published: January 11, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Zaeden, a famous singer and artist from India, has a brand called ‘Sol’ that makes perfumes. They’ve joined forces with fashion designer Siddartha Tytler to create a new fragrance called ‘Unchained’. This special scent is inspired by Siddartha Tytler’s cool designs and his way of thinking about clothes.

Zaeden was really happy about this new fragrance launch. He said, “This perfume brings together fashion and nice smells. We’ve already made two other perfumes, ‘Mystic Voice’ and ‘Sweet Sea’, which were successful. This new one shows how our brand ‘Sol’ is growing and trying new things while keeping our main idea of telling stories through scents. Siddartha Tytler’s way of being bold and creative matches perfectly with what we want – to give people special experiences with our perfumes.” Zaeden also added, “This perfume means a lot to me as an artist. It’s about feeling free and expressing myself. I’m sure people will love how it smells. This launch shows how we keep trying new ideas and making perfumes that are different from the usual ones.”

Zaeden had started ‘Sol’ earlier this year with the help of Aesir Perfumes LLP and Represent. This new collaboration with Siddartha Tytler is an exciting step for his perfume brand, bringing together fashion and fantastic fragrances.

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