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Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a message about sustainable fashion on Wednesday with his blue jacket, which was made by Indian Oil from recycled plastic bottles, before responding to the motion of gratitude about the President’s address in the House of Representatives.

Indian Oil creates clothing out of recycled PET bottles as part of its Green Initiative of Sustainable Garments. Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the company’s signature uniform brand for its staff on Monday during the India Energy Week. The brand is called “Unbottled.”

The company has made a commitment to recycle 10 crore PET bottles as part of their effort to provide environmentally friendly uniforms and achieve carbon neutrality by 2046. According to PTI, the company also revealed plans to recycle up to 100 million PET bottles from discarded mineral water, soft drinks, and other products each year to create staff uniforms that are eco-friendly.

The business will reuse used PET plastic bottles to create uniforms for retail customer service representatives and LPG delivery staff. According to the corporation, each uniform set it makes for its employees will aid in the recycling of about 28 PET bottles.

The company intends to recycle polyester through its sustainable clothing brand “Unbottled,” in addition to recycling PET bottles into employee uniforms. The company will produce uniforms for retail consumers as well as non-combat uniforms for the Army, uniforms/dresses for institutions, and uniforms for customer attendants of various Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

All used PET bottles and other plastic materials are cleaned, dried, and crushed into little chips before being used to create cloth. The uniformly shaped little plastic chips are then heated and spun into polyester staple fibre in a spinneret. The crimping machine gives this plastic waste fibre its fluffy, fuzzy texture. After additional spinning, the polyester staple fibre is turned into yarn, which is then knitted or woven into polyester fabric.

In order to meet the goal of environmental conservation by lowering carbon footprint, the integrated oil corporation has introduced projects like sustainable apparel, solar cookers, etc.

The corporation will be able to import less fossil material thanks to PET recycling. PET recycling has a carbon footprint that is around 79% lower and uses about 59% less energy to produce than virgin PET (produced from fossil fuels).