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Designer Club and Gin, Tonic are the new product lines that Perfume Lounge aims to launch for men and women, respectively. The digital-first perfume company wants to gain market share by diversifying its product line. 

According to Shivam Sood, CEO of Perfume Lounge, “the pandemic has spawned a new breed of consumers who are comfortable buying scents online.” “At the same time, social media has raised young customers’ awareness of and desire to explore new brands and goods. Consumers today demand goods that are comparable to, if not superior than, those that are sold elsewhere. Through our data-driven approach to knowing the preferences of young Indians, we want to satisfy this new demand. We’ll create a number of product lines that are specifically aimed at certain market segments.

According to the company’s Facebook page, Perfume Lounge has so far released two product lines: “Taboo” scents for women and “Noww” fragrances for males. To expand its product offering, Perfume Lounge wants to introduce two additional product lines: “Gin, Tonic” for women and “Designer Club” for men.

In addition to selling its products on a few multi-brand e-commerce sites, Perfume Lounge also has a standalone online store. Customers seeking reasonably priced, midrange items with an international flair are catered to by the company. The company is optimistic about growth and has plans to keep introducing new product lines in the upcoming months.