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Paco Rabanne introduces a new logo and brand identity called Rabanne

Published: July 13, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Paco Rabanne, the renowned fashion and beauty house, has recently undergone a rebranding effort and will now be known simply as Rabanne. Under the ownership of Spanish luxury group Puig, the iconic label has refreshed its visual identity and introduced a new logo, marking its intention to strengthen its presence in the makeup and retail sectors. In line with its expansion plans, Rabanne is preparing to open a flagship boutique in New York, further solidifying its commitment to growth.

As Rabanne approaches its 60th anniversary, the brand has declared its transition into a new era. The decision to adopt the name Rabanne represents a significant milestone for the Maison, symbolizing a simplified and globally resonant spirit. With nearly a decade under the creative direction of Julien Dossena, Rabanne looks to the future by bringing together fashion and beauty under a single, distinctive signature and lifestyle.

The redesigned logo, characterized by bold typography, draws inspiration from Rabanne’s rich archives, particularly its inaugural fragrance, Calandre, which was first introduced in 1969. This nod to the brand’s history while embracing a contemporary aesthetic exemplifies Rabanne’s approach to honoring its heritage while moving forward.

The rebranding efforts and upcoming boutique opening signal Rabanne’s commitment to expanding its reach and engaging with a wider audience. By combining its fashion and beauty offerings, Rabanne aims to create a cohesive brand experience that resonates with consumers seeking a unified lifestyle concept. With the new name and visual identity, Rabanne sets the stage for a fresh chapter in its story. As the Maison celebrates its 60th anniversary, it looks to the future with renewed vigor, continuing to captivate fashion and beauty enthusiasts with its innovative designs, high-quality products, and distinctive brand ethos.

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