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Ostilos launches its new Summer Drop collection – ‘FLOW’

Published: April 15, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

As the summer sun kisses the skin and the gentle breeze whispers secrets of the season, Ostilos introduces its latest collection: FLOW. Inspired by the essence of summer itself, this collection is a celebration of lightness, freedom, and the art of effortless elegance.

At the heart of FLOW lies the concept of fluidity. Each garment is designed to be effortlessly flowy, oversized yet flattering, and infinitely versatile. Whether one is lounging by the pool, exploring a new city, or dancing under the stars, FLOW adapts to every mood and moment. So, let’s bask in the warmth of summer’s embrace and revel in the flow of dreams, the flow of life, and the flow of style. With FLOW, every thread tells a story of grace, beauty, and the eternal rhythm of the season, and with this we say, Welcome to FLOW – where summer dreams come to life.

Commenting on the new collection, Simran Lalwani, Creative Director at Ostilos, says, “In FLOW, we have curated a symphony of fabrics that dance gracefully with every movement. From the crisp embrace of cotton to the ethereal whispers of linen and georgette, each garment is a testament to the beauty of natural materials.

Our designers have reimagined summer staples, infusing them with a sense of ease and versatility. Dresses billow like summer clouds, pants sway with the rhythm of the ocean waves, corset tops sculpt and embrace, skirts twirl with joy, and coordinating sets for men offer a seamless blend of comfort and style.”

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