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Dressing head-to-toe in one colour has its advantages. It’s simple, eye-catching, saves time in
the morning and you can walk out of the house absolutely certain that everything you’re wearing
matches.All-black outfits have been a menswear staple for decades and minimalist dressers
swear by the understated power of navy blue.Tonal dressing with greens or even pastels has
been popular recently. First up, when we say an all white outfit, that includes off-white.

Otherwise, you’ll look white as a sheet. To give your all-white outfit some depth, think chalk,
ivory, stone, ecru and neutral tones which can be especially flattering for those with an alabaster
complexion. To avoid looking like a crime scene investigator, you can break things up with
contrasting shoes, belts and accessories. Contrasting tough, matte fabrics such as denim with
smooth cottons and linens is a good way to differentiate your pieces and avoid the onesie look.
If the thought of all-white fills you with dread, you can con your way to a similar effect while
incorporating a well-placed stripe or some subtle colour. For formal summer occasions, stone or
ecru coloured suits are much more wearable and flattering, or try tonal separates instead.

Pair a white jacket with light grey on your bottom half, or a stone-coloured top half with crisp white
trousers – just make sure that both pieces are in a similar weight and texture of fabric with a
decent contrast between shades.

Leave the tie at home and wear with an open-collar shirt or tee, which you can swap for a slim
roll-neck in the autumn. Smarten things up with a neutral pocket square and a proper pair of
shoes. Or for something softer, become a man of athleisure with a white hoodie or sweatshirt
worn with straight-fit trousers or jersey shorts in an off-white neutral. If you need some contrast,
some dark sandals will do the trick, but if not, commit to the look with a chunky pair of white

– Ananya Ghosh