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People who discuss how to design their homes with luxurious-looking objects are sometimes found lacking in a sense of comfort. Nykaa Fashion, a multi-brand fashion e-commerce platform, on the other hand, advocates a decor design that produces both an elegant and cosy atmosphere. Twig & Twine, their new home brand, strives to bring warmth and personality into intimate spaces, transforming houses into homes. Twig & Twine goods use earthy colours, mirrors, metallic textures, and patterns to bring a sense of warmth into homes, allowing homes to tell a narrative. AdwaitaNayar, co-founder and CEO of Nykaa Fashion, wants the Twig & Twine goods to reflect and acknowledge their consumers’ personalities. Despite their diverse collection, their collection values the worth of their

A decorative vase with wicker ornamentation. The Cream Rectangular Mother of Pearl Box complements the opulent Hurricane Candle Holder. Twig & Twine’s designs effortlessly enchant their customers with their simple yet adaptable patterns. Their products are not style-specific, but rather modest and may fit into any home. The brand has created a range with an international flavour, giving the residences a cosmopolitan feel.

This décor collection is divided into three sections that cover different areas of the home: the living room, the kitchen, and the bedrooms. These objects blend into any room of the house thanks to their use of soft colours and materials. Twig & Twine creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in the living area with its décor.