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Nobero Redefines Athleisure for Millennials with ‘The Other is Calling’ Campaign

Published: December 29, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

In its resurgence, Nobero, a travel-focused fash-leisure brand under TMRW House of Brands, is taking a bold step to capture the essence of millennial lifestyles with the launch of its digital-first campaign, ‘The Other is Calling.’ This campaign marks the brand’s foray into the fashion-forward athleisure category, tailoring its offerings to cater to millennials who prioritize both comfort and style in their professional and personal lives.

Prashanth Aluru, CEO and co-founder of TMRW House of Brands, expresses the brand’s commitment to understanding consumers and crafting compelling brand stories. Nobero, through extensive research, identified itself as appealing to the ‘social traveler’ identity that resonates with millennials. The campaign, ‘The Other is Calling,’ unfolds a narrative that scrutinizes the typical 9-9 routine dominated by endless notifications and information overload.

The essence of the campaign lies in providing a respite from the constant ‘always on’ mode. Nobero emerges as the catalyst for a transition to moments of peace, whether amidst the tranquillity of mountains, the rhythmic beats of a concert, or the joy of capturing life through street photography. The brand positions itself as more than just apparel; it’s an enabler of experiences, allowing individuals to break away from the daily grind and embrace the ‘other side’—a side that embodies serenity and genuine connections.

Karthik Venkat, co-founder and marketing maverick at Nobero, reflects on the brand’s journey, highlighting its ability to adapt global trends to Indian sensibilities. The brand has evolved its offerings to what it now calls “Fashleisure,” a blend of fashion and leisure tailored to Indian tastes.

The campaign, shot in 9:16 by Reels Room, focuses on engaging and impactful storytelling. Ahsan Khan, co-founder of Reels Room, emphasizes the campaign’s authenticity, aligning with the format’s social-first approach. He mentions their focus on the three Ts—twist, track, and transition—to deliver a message that resonates with the familiar experience of getting caught up in daily routines and the need for a break.

As Nobero makes its mark in the athleisure space, ‘The Other is Calling’ campaign seeks to strike a chord with consumers, portraying Nobero not just as a brand but as a companion on the journey to finding balance and embracing life beyond the constant hustle.

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