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NIFT Fashion App Launches in London with 90-Minute Delivery

Published: December 4, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

NIFT, the high-end on-demand fashion app offering 90-minute real-time tracked delivery across London, officially launched after a successful soft-launch period. The debut introduces a revamped user interface, over 20 new boutiques, and an expanded range of products and brands. NIFT, founded by Simone and Roxanne Oloma, positions itself as the first on-demand fashion marketplace app in the UK capital.

The app features both mid-price and luxury brands, including Ganni, Farm Rio, Rixo, Skims, Gucci, Jacquemus, Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu, Prada, and more. The founders, pleased with positive feedback during the test phase, express a commitment to enhancing the app and improving the user experience. They engaged with the local London community and conducted mini focus groups to gather insights from current customers.

NIFT’s redesign goes beyond delivering known labels, aiming to help users discover new indie boutiques. The revamped interface allows users to shop by all products, all brands, or all stores within their radius, promoting local shopping and ensuring boutiques receive the exposure they deserve.

The company consulted customers about their preferred brands, influencing the expanded assortment. As of the official launch, over 20 new shopfronts and boutiques are available to shop from across London, with more expected to follow.

Customers can place orders by choosing from brands, items, and multi-brand boutiques. NIFT’s proprietary software plug-in enables real-time access to the store’s stock, and upon order receipt, the retailer can accept via the NIFT shop admin app. The order is then picked up by a rider and delivered to the customer in under 90 minutes.

Despite the quick delivery model, NIFT emphasizes its commitment to consciousness by working with conscious, contemporary, and luxury brands, as well as independent boutiques. The app supports local stores, contributing to community growth and reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods. Transportation involves cargo, push bikes, and electric vehicles where possible, and NIFT partners with Ecologi, planting a tree for every order received.

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