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Newton School of Technology to Begin Phase 2 Admissions for B.Tech in Computer Science and AI For Batch of 2024

Published: March 1, 2024

Up to 100% scholarship on first year tuition fees based on merit

The first programme of its kind to integrate CS and AI with entrepreneurship aimed to create tech leaders for the country

Newton School of Technology has declared the second phase of admissions to accommodate the overwhelming number of applicants from the initial round of NSAT, Newton Scholastic Aptitude Test for their Bachelor of Technology programme in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Round 2 of the NSAT examination is scheduled to take place on March 13, 2024, subsequent to the completion of the main CBSE board exams. Applicants may submit their applications for the second round until March 12, 2024.

The key features of the program include:

The residential UG program is UGC recognised, and includes a 6-month mandatory internship with stipend.

Students get a personal MacBook during the program to ensure they have the best resources to excel in their studies.

Up to 100% scholarship on first year tuition fees based on merit, NSAT Top scorers from early intake round get a chance to avail additional scholarship

Young Women Scholarship for female candidates.

Learn from international faculty from MIT, Duke University and tech leaders from Amazon, Google, and more.

Go on international study trips and attend funded conferences in Singapore, and Silicon Valley, to name a few.

2000+ hiring partners, including top MNCs and leading startups, a network of 3000+ alumni placed in top companies from several different programs with a Rs. 5-40 LPA placement package.

Students at Newton School of Technology (NST)

In pursuit of making India a tech vishwaguru/superpower, NST has been at the forefront of fostering advanced tech learning by dismantling traditional curriculum barriers and giving students access to the most pertinent learning in coding, software development, robotics & AI amongst others. The recent win by students of the flagship batch, where they secured a rank of 114 in ICPC regionals, considered to be the olympics of coding is a clear indicator of the far reaching impact NST’s learning methodology is designed to have. The institute facilitates several workshops with the aim of cultivating a pragmatic, experience-driven approach to problem-solving. A recent five-day robotics workshop witnessed first-semester students of NST designing a gesture-controlled wheelchair from the foundational stages. In a GenAI workshop mentored by Microsoft engineers, students learnt how to construct an AI-powered travel itinerary planner from the ground up.

The course offers students opportunities for global exposure with funded international study trips and conferences to Singapore, Silicon Valley, and more. Sessions by startup leaders and international faculty from MIT, Duke University and tech leaders from MAANG companies further add to the industry readiness. The flagship batch recently went on a tech trek to Singapore and visited the new age campuses of National University of Singapore and Singapore University of Technology and Design. They also had 1:1 sessions with Founders and CXOs of Shell, Gojek, and other global giants. The course also offers students the opportunity to pitch their start-up ideas directly to venture capitalists and stand a chance to raise funds with an added advantage of a ₹1 cr start-up fund available to the students. The students have been working rigorously for Google Summer of Code, wherein participants work with an open-source organization on a 12+ week programming project under the guidance of mentors

The institute is committed to development of India’s future tech talent and actively strives to offer vital assistance to ambitious students. Applicants who demonstrated exceptional performance on the NSAT, interviews, JEE, CBSE, KVPY, and Olympiads were awarded scholarships equivalent to 75% of the tuition fees during the initial round of admission. For the second round of admission students can avail up to 100% merit-based scholarships on first-year tuition fees. The institute also offers Young Women Leaders Scholarship & Extraordinary Academic Achievements Scholarship to boost excellence.

NST has garnered students from across the nation in its flagship batch, resulting in a dynamic and heterogeneous student body that enriches the campus with a variety of perspectives and abilities. The student-led clubs like Newtonbotics, Competitive Coding, ⁠Game Development, ⁠⁠Software Development & ⁠Entrepreneurship-Cell are amongst many student driven activities that enhance experiential learning while building vital leadership skills in students.

Aditya Raj, one of the students, who took admission in the 1st round of NSAT, 2024 expressed, “The anticipation to start my NST journey is real. What drew me in were the student achievements – they spoke volumes. NST focuses on real-world problem-solving and excelling in competitive programming. This unique pedagogy is what makes NST stand out, and Im eager to be a part of it.”

Siddharth Maheshwari, Co-founder, Newton School said, “We have the youngest population in the world today. If we fail to capitalise on our existing talent pool and not provide the young bright minds with industry relevant education we will be left far behind in this race for technological supremacy. Our inaugural BTech programme in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, which was curated and introduced on campus last year, was established with a steadfast dedication to fostering innovation, cultivating young talent, and equipping them with knowledge and skills that are pertinent to the market. As we commence phase 2 for NST admissions, we are filled with anticipation and optimism to meet a fresh cohort of brilliant individuals and solidify our position as the pioneering institute of advanced tech learning in CS and AI. We wish the best of luck to every applicant.”

The meticulously curated curriculum of the course is designed to empower individuals to think critically, solve complex problems and thrive in the fast-paced tech first environment ensuring success in the industry. With 2000+ hiring partners, Newton School of Technology (NST) offers students with placement assistance and 6-month mandatory industry internships to have practical experience with top-tier companies.

Another student who has enrolled for Batch of 2024, Geethika Chilukuri, commented, “For me, what stood out was the motivation to give students the best 4-years of their campus life. From my interactions with the students, I discovered how vibrant the ecosystem is. The energy of the students and the vibe itself was very welcoming. My most important metric while choosing a college was that it should have a creative spirit and the room to do more than just studying.”

Registration Details and Eligibility Criteria for NSAT 2024

Registration for NSAT Round 2 admission are now open. Students from across the country who have secured more than 50% in their Higher Secondary School exams in 2022, 2023 or 2024- from a recognised board are eligible to apply on the following link – NSAT is a 100% online test and shortlisted candidates will be required to appear for further evaluation procedures including Personal interview & Counselling.

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