Published: July 28, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Nautical style is all about fabrics and cuts that are fresh, comfortable and natural. Its all about Finding inspiration in navy uniforms, yachting attire and sailor style, nautical fashions – from horizontal stripes to sailor hats, brass-button jackets, peacoats and anchor prints – evoke the romantic idea of life on the high seas, with fresh air, sunshine and the open ocean as far as the eye can see. And it suits both me and women.One of the most enduring nautical looks, the striped Breton shirt, comes from France. Originally worn by fisherman in Brittany, la marinère, as it is called, was officially adopted as part of the French naval uniform in 1858. 

‘Whether You’re on Land or Sea, Summer Calls for Nautical Fashion’

Although the navy aesthetic is meant to be simple, clean and natural, it can be easy to go overboard. The key to nailing the current look is to find new ways of wearing the trend, putting a fresh or modern twist on the classic garments.For women, consider including skirts in your nautical repertoire. With marine-inspired prints, these garments become more feminine and sophisticated. A skirt or dress in midi-cut with strappy sandals is an infallible option for a night out.

From sweet sailor collars, classic blue and white prints, and of course, many a stripe, this roster of maritime pieces is the foundation of any nautical fashion wardrobe. designers like Prada adding a maritime flair to their SS22 collection and Gucci featuring naval embellishments as seen on this shirt, below, house of Aama’s matching red and white striped cropped top and skirt is a fresh take on classic sailor stripes.

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