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-By Ankita Dutta.

Indian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle destination Myntra is pioneering a new feature on its platform called ‘My Stylist’, an end-to-end automated personal style guide for customers that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The feature aims to revolutionise digital shopping by offering advice on fashion and lifestyle choices, with AI recommending outfits and offering complete looks to users. The rollout precedes the 18th edition of Myntra’s End of Reason Sale (EORS), a biannual fashion event that takes place in India. Myntra is looking to take fashion to a new level with this product discovery and next-gen purchasing feature.

Raghu Krishnananda, the Chief Product and Technology Officer, emphasized that the introduction of “My Stylist” is an indication of the organization’s dedication to utilising technology to democratise fashion further. The latest invention is predicted to revolutionize the customers’ shopping experience, offering them an entirely new dimension of sophistication. ‘My Stylist’ aims to tackle the difficult task of creating the perfect outfit by using machine learning to recognise colour, shape, pattern, fabric, fashion trends, and individual style preferences. The feature is both customizable and scalable, empowering clients with instant advice that significantly elevates their shopping journey.

Customers can use four different factors to obtain shoppable outfit recommendations from ‘My Stylist’– their purchase history on the app, uploaded images from their offline wardrobes, browsing history on the app, and the latest trending styles on the platform. The feature offers recommendations from the app’s catalogue of over 450,000 styles, including accessories, footwear, topwear, and bottomwear, and is expected to be popular among Myntra’s customers.

The artificial intelligence technology behind ‘My Stylist’ uses machine learning models, computer vision algorithms, and the expertise of subject matter experts to power its ‘Fashion Object Detection’, ‘Image Search’, and ‘Outfit Recommendations’ features. The AI algorithms use deep convolutional neural networks to tap into Myntra’s catalogue data, which enables the feature to handle a high volume of requests. Myntra predicts that by year-end, roughly 80% of its customers will engage with ‘My Stylist’.

Myntra plans to expand the feature’s coverage to include beauty and an increased number of styles. Further down the line, the characteristic will comprise of components such as ‘Your Personalized Closet’ and ‘Preserve the Apparel’, along with added choices for customized user preferences. The button for accessing ‘My Stylist’ can be found on Myntra’s homepage as a floating action option. The company is promoting the feature via banners and picture-in-picture videos to inform its users about it.