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MUSINSA Collaborates with NewJeans to Spotlight K-Fashion in Fall/Winter Campaign

Published: November 3, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

MUSINSA, a prominent South Korean fashion platform, has launched a captivating Fall/Winter campaign titled ‘NewJeans’ Journey to MUSINSA. This campaign is designed to introduce 23 fashionable Fall/Winter items from 13 distinguished K-fashion brands, including GLOWNY, Mardi Mercredi, Matin Kim, OIOI, and more. As part of this engaging initiative, MUSINSA is providing a promo code that offers an additional 17% discount on select products styled by NewJeans in the campaign. Furthermore, high-definition wallpapers inspired by this campaign can be accessed through the MUSINSA APP.

NewJeans, a group of influential and iconic artists, is seen donning the latest fashion pieces from various K-fashion brands in this campaign. They showcase a diverse range of styles for the Fall/Winter seasons, featuring trending items like cargo skirts, racing jackets, cowichan sweaters, and more, emphasizing the unique designs and silhouettes of these brands.

To extend its reach, MUSINSA has incorporated advertising screens in prominent locations such as the Melrose District in Los Angeles, Shibuya in Tokyo, and Umeda in Osaka. As an interactive element, customers who capture photographs of NewJeans billboards and share them on their social media accounts while tagging MUSINSA global (@musinsa_global) have a chance to win a MUSINSA magazine NewJeans Edition.MUSINSA’s official statement emphasizes, “Through this Fall/Winter campaign, we aim to spotlight the freshness and distinctive allure of K-fashion in collaboration with NewJeans. We are deeply passionate about showcasing various Korean designer brands alongside one of this generation’s most influential and iconic artists.”

This captivating campaign is available for viewing on the MUSINSA global website and its official Instagram account from October 12, running through October 25. Established as an online fashion community in 2001, MUSINSA has evolved into a leading fashion platform in South Korea, featuring nearly 1,000 K-fashion labels and serving customers in 13 countries worldwide. Committed to supporting small and medium-sized fashion brands through various marketing activities and investments, MUSINSA has achieved a valuation exceeding $2.5 billion, solidifying its position as a fashion powerhouse. Since 2022, MUSINSA’s brand ambassador, NewJeans, has been representing the platform in various campaigns, further enhancing its influence in the world of fashion.

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