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The well-known Indian menswear company Mufti just unveiled their newest lineup for the spring/summer 2023 season. An enlarged selection of sportswear and casual clothing from Mumbai’s dynamic city are included in the collection.

Mufti has launched a new line of Nylon Spandex knit shirts to meet the rising demand for branded sportswear, providing fitness enthusiasts with a comfortable and fashionable option. Also, the company has introduced a line of t-shirts, polo shirts, and lightweight, breathable cotton shirts that are intended for more casual styles. The collection is targeted at millennial and Gen Z consumers and also offers printed variations.

Under its “Flyweight” line, the firm has also debuted a selection of casual-wearable light knitted trousers. The collection has a colour pallet with brighter hues like blue, pink, and aquamarine in addition to more muted tones like ecru, sage, and beige. Mufti wants to offer adaptable western clothing that lets the wearer express their own special identity. The company also sells its goods through a specific o