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Model of Nepalese descent highlights inclusivity in Indian fashion.

Published: June 9, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta.

Zander Lama is a 28-year-old model from India who traces his roots back to Nepal. He struggled in the initial days of his career since there was no buzz around inclusivity in fashion at the time, and models were chosen based on conventional beauty standards. Zander began his career in 2013 and faced several rejections due to his oriental features. The industry had few models from the northeast or Nepal who were doing well during this period, and his opportunities were limited since his body type was considered atypical for ramp models.

As a newcomer, Zander found it challenging to get work from designers due to his oriental features. However, he always excelled in posing and gradually found that brands started taking an interest in him because of his poise. Zander was successful in becoming the face of some of the most prominent brands and walked for the largest fashion designers in India, but he is now seeking new pursuits. In addition to acting and creating his clothing, he is also delving into shoot production.

Today, the fashion industry is more inclusive than ever, and things are easier than they were for aspiring models like Zander. The benchmarks for determining whether one is a suitable model anymore no longer depend on outward appearances such as height or physique, but rather on the degree of self-assurance exhibited and the skill displayed while posing in front of the camera. Although Zander is happy about the current trend, he advises aspiring models to know how to pose like a pro and storm the runway, which will set them apart from others.

Zander has played a significant role in promoting diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry in India. He was one of the first models to represent oriental features in India. Zander knows better than anyone how the industry has changed and how different it is now from when he started. He acknowledges that several agencies are hiring models and getting them work, but many of these agencies are failing to groom their talent and enabling them to perform to the highest standards.
In conclusion, modeling isn’t solely about appearance; rather, it is about how confident and poised one is in front of the camera. Zander Lama has carved out a successful modeling career for himself, overcoming the initial challenges he faced with determination and diligence. Zander supports diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry and is looking to build his brand, supporting models who work hard and develop their talent.

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