“MOCEMSA Debuts in Delhi Duty-Free, Elevating Indian Perfumery on the Global Stage”

Published: November 1, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

MOCEMSA, a prominent name in the Indian fragrance industry, is set to make its debut at Delhi Duty-Free, a significant step for the brand and the nation’s perfume sector. MOCEMSA, known for its meticulously crafted fragrances, will be available to travelers and perfume enthusiasts at the IGI airport, becoming the first and only Indian perfumery on the shelves of IGI Duty-Free.

Pulkit Malhotra, the founder of MOCEMSA and an alumnus of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, has a strong commitment to the art of perfumery. Under the guidance of Max Gavary, the creator of renowned fragrances like Prada’s Amber, MOCEMSA has developed a distinct, world-class identity. Pulkit Malhotra expressed his excitement about the debut, highlighting MOCEMSA’s dedication to encapsulating the essence of India in its fragrances. The brand’s commitment to authenticity and exceptional quality sets it apart in an industry sometimes crowded with imitation products.

MOCEMSA’s fragrances are sourced from fragrance hubs around the world, incorporating some of the most coveted scent materials. This global approach ensures that each MOCEMSA fragrance offers a sensory journey, reflecting the essence of diverse regions.

The introduction of MOCEMSA at Delhi Duty-Free represents not only a milestone for the brand but also a testament to the potential of homegrown Indian brands to compete on a global stage. MOCEMSA extends an invitation for people worldwide to embark on a sensory voyage, experiencing the artistry of Indian perfumery.

Furthermore, MOCEMSA emphasizes sustainability, using eco-friendly packaging and responsibly
sourced ingredients. Their range includes 25ml vials, 100ml bottles, 150ml deodorants, and exclusive
craft fragrances, exclusively available to shoppers at IGI Duty-Free.

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