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Mini Films Teams up with Niranjan Iyengar and Vikrant Massey for a Film Adaptation of Ruskin Bond’s most Challenging Love Story

Published: August 31, 2023

Mini Films helmed by duo Mansi and Varun Bagla are thrilled to announce their latest cinematic endeavor, an enchanting love story that marks the directorial debut of esteemed screenwriter and lyricist Niranjan Iyengar. Starring the talented actor Vikrant Massey in a lead role, this untitled film holds the promise of fusing the enchantment of Ruskin Bonds narrative prowess with the creative brilliance of Niranjan Iyengar.

Mansi Bagla with Ruskin Bond

Marking his directorial debut, Niranjan Iyengar, renowned for his exceptional literary contributions in Bollywood, is ready to embark on a cinematic journey to breathe life into his distinctive storytelling vision. This is a film adaptation of one of Ruskin Bonds most challenging love stories.

Mansi and Varun Bagla – Mini Films

Mansi Bagla, a connoisseur of diverse realms, from food to films, who wholeheartedly dedicates herself to her craft is currently enthusiastically gearing up to translate one of Ruskin Bonds most challenging love stories onto the silver screen. Mansi shared, “For me, love is the only language worth speaking, and it’s been my lifelong dream to craft a love story that resonates with people from all walks of life. I envision a story that has the purity and simplicity of love. That’s why I’ve been drawn to adapt a Ruskin Bond story for our next film. Crafting a simple love story is far from easy, but I relish the challenge of tackling the complex. Love always emerges victorious, and that’s a message I’m passionate about conveying. The film adaptation script has turned out beautifully. Im excited to work with my dream team of uber talented Vikrant Massey and Niranjan Iyengar on this unique love story.”

Produced by Mini Films, the production house known for its dedication to compelling narratives, the film is helmed by Mansi and Varun Bagla. Mansis visionary ideas and Varuns strategic acumen synergize seamlessly in their approach.

Karan Johar, along with Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kajol, Kiara Advani and several other celebrities have also expressed their support for the film and Niranjan Iyengar as he prepares to embark on this directorial debut with Mini Films. “Niru!!!!,” KJo wrote. “So excited and proud of you…. From storyteller to filmmaker … cant wait to see your experience and expertise on celluloid! Love you.” Meanwhile, Kareena Kapoor Khan also shared an article about Iyengars directorial debut and wrote a caption, which read, “Niruuuu just read this… so so happy for you… kill it … here cheering for you.” Kajol, who worked with the writer in a film titled Devi, wrote, “Soar high and fly well. Love you.

With great excitement, the viewers are looking forward to experiencing this film that holds the promise of deeply touching their emotions.

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