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Metro Brands Launches Heartfelt Campaign and Festive Footwear Range for Modern Couples

Published: November 7, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

In the current cultural context, a new film from Metro Brands highlights the life of a modern young couple as they navigate new experiences and embrace fresh perspectives. The film underscores the support, love, and acceptance they receive from their families, which strengthens their bond and fills them with genuine excitement about this unfamiliar world. Whether it’s a special occasion, a joyous celebration, or a quiet moment shared with each other, they come to realize that life’s journey is what truly matters, with Metro Shoes serving as their constant companion every step of the way.

Deepika Deepti, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Metro Brands Limited, explained that the campaign is a tribute to the connections formed with customers, celebrating the brand’s place in people’s lives and its role as a catalyst for new beginnings and exciting experiences. The campaign aims to change perspectives, celebrating true identity, honoring equality, and emphasizing the evolution of relationships.

Metro’s new festive range features a versatile selection of footwear styles suitable for various occasions. For men, the range includes pristine white sneakers, suave brogues, loafers, sandals, and kolhapuris in classic colors like tans, browns, and blacks. Women can choose from pastel-hued sandals, elegant slip-ons, and glamorous block-heels in festive hues, all designed to complement a variety of outfits, from western separates to Indian attire, making a stylish statement this season.

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