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Mermaidcore and practical sandals expected to trend this summer, says John Lewis

Published: June 21, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta

According to John Lewis’s summer 2023 trends report, British consumers are expected to purchase more metallics, noughties brands, sensible sandals, and swimwear compared to last year. The report is based on the views of the retailer’s buyers and a poll of 2,000 adults.

One of the trending styles identified is Mermaidcore, which has gained popularity following the release of the Little Mermaid remake and the Mer People documentary on Netflix. John Lewis predicts a high demand for long-sleeved swimsuits and tankinis, with trending styles offered by Sweaty Betty, Whistles, and its own brand, Nassau tankini.

The report also highlights a trend for “sensible sandals,” showcasing the preference for both style and comfort among consumers. Sales of Lisbon Fisherman Sandals have increased by 200%, while Birkenstocks and espadrilles have seen a rise of 63% and 45%, respectively, compared to the same time last year.

The recent UK leg of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Worldwide tour has sparked a trend for metallic fashion, with silver tones dominating across various categories such as clothing, accessories, and shoes. This has also led to a resurgence of the cowboy boot, with searches on the John Lewis website increasing by 128%.

A retro trend influenced by the noughties is also gaining traction, with brands like Lacoste seeing an 84% increase in sales and Crocs experiencing a 14% rise compared to last year. Key pieces that align with this trend include bucket hats, checks, Vans sneakers, and oversized shirts.

In terms of beauty, the report highlights the “skin HIIT” trend, which focuses on resilience and strength training for the skin and scalp. Consumers are moving towards simplicity, replacing complex multi-step skincare routines with “hero products” that protect, moisturize, and strengthen the skin barrier. Sun protection is a key aspect, with sales of suncare products up 71%, facial sun cream up 23%, and Ultrasun proving to be the most popular choice.

For hair care, leave-in conditioners are currently in demand, experiencing a 30% increase in sales. The survey conducted by John Lewis also reveals that consumers are eager to spend time outdoors and socialize, indicating positive prospects for the fashion and beauty sectors. Footfall data and retail sales reports from the wider industry have confirmed that the warmer weather has had a positive impact on both super-categories.

Overall, John Lewis’s summer 2023 trends report provides insights into the key preferences and trends expected in the upcoming season. From aquatic-themed swimwear to retro noughties fashion, consumers are predicted to embrace a range of styles and trends while prioritizing comfort and simplicity in their beauty routines.

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