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Even with a wide array of digital wallets online payments available today, we think a gentleman should have a classic wallet in his collection. Wallets are the most essential element of a man’s wardrobe. A really cool wallet can also exude elegance, luxury, and your personal style.

Some argue the origins of the word are derived from the old French term “gollette,” which means “little snout,” and I guess, you could argue it looks like one. Others say it’s derived from a Proto-Germanic word, which means as much as “to roll” because you used to roll up things in your wallet way back when it was first invented

Now, in the early 20th century, men started moving their wallet from their inside chest pocket towards their trouser pockets. In order to make it fit and still wear comfortably, now, the wallets were folded in half and had a smaller footprint.

Tejasvi Gurjar