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Not only are sunglasses a constantly neglected chance to add flair, personality and a general sense of unwavering cool to an outfit, they’re also imperative for keeping your eyes healthy. The sunglasses face shape debate is a minefield, but there are certain conventions to follow. If your face is longer than it is wide – with softer lines around your cheeks and jaw – the last thing you want to do is make it appear longer, so avoid anything too small or John Lennon-like. Round and curved styles help soften sharper facial features such as pronounced cheeks and squarer jaws. Square frames with rounded corners can also work, but too much geometric shaping can emphasise your angles and appear quite brutal.Comfort is, therefore, key. The fashion aspect is easier to negotiate.Sunglasses are stylish yet functional, sharpening up your fashion look while also shielding your eyes from damaging UV rays.

Key Sunglasses Trend 2022

1. Transparent

Naturally, sunglasses are transparent.but frames on the other hand have always tended to be opaque.It’s simple, yet different; plain, yet striking; and a nice way of lending classic silhouettes a contemporary edge.

2. Sporty Silhouette

The endless trend cycle is unconcerned with our opinions. Case in point: sporty, aerodynamic shades.

3. Geometrics

Geometric sunglasses are emerging as a major trend. It might sound tacky but many of the subtler styles with softened corners and hexagonal frames are surprisingly wearable.

 Anything that pinches the bridge of your nose or digs into the sides of your head will just sit in a drawer or be shoved into a car glove compartment, never to be worn again.

 – Irene James