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-By Ankita dutta.

Rawdah Mohamed, an influencer born in Somalia, has become a champion for exciting modest dressing. Through her efforts, Mohamed has successfully dispelled society’s misguided notions about conservative fashion by presenting the hijab as a means for personal expression, and not repression. During the Cannes Film Festival, Mohamed earned accolades for her Robert Wun couture outfit. The gown, which was an exciting and modest piece, was one of the most memorable looks to grace the red carpet. It featured trompe l’oeil scorch marks and flame-kissed edges and was complemented by a silk organza veil that obscured Mohamed’s face.

Wun first introduced the double-sided satin dress in his spring/summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week show in January. The Scorched Bride, as he calls it, is an ode to horror movies. However, Mohamed donned it as she graced the premiere of La Passion De Dodin Bouffant, a French historical romantic drama. She made the dress her own by wearing a black hijab underneath the veil, black long sleeves that extended past the dress’s hem, and accessorizing with Cartier jewelry.

The ground-breaking fashionista has made a name for herself by pushing the boundaries with statement-making fashion. Her foray into the fashion industry was through posting street-style photos on Instagram, which led to a modeling contract. In all her endeavors, Mohamed’s personal style reflects a sense of playfulness and experimentation. From modern spins on the classic Canadian tuxedo to modest prep ensembles, her message is clear: more is more.

Mohamed is part of a growing trend of Black women wearing bridal-inflected looks at the Cannes this year. Other celebrities who have embraced this trend include Blackpink’s Jennie Kim and actor Viola Davis. By making a bold statement on the world stage, Mohamed is proving that modest fashion can be both stylish and exciting.

Rawdah Mohamed’s bold and daring fashion choices are doing more than just turning heads. They are changing the narrative surrounding conservative fashion and the hijab. Through her love of fashion and willingness to take risks, Mohamed is inspiring others to celebrate their individuality and embrace modest fashion with confidence and flair.