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Meg Ryan’s First Met Gala Performance in 2024

Published: May 8, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

It might surprise you to learn that Meg Ryan, the epitome of Hollywood romance movies and a real New Yorker, has never gone to the annual Met Gala. However, the singer attended the star-studded event for the first time yesterday night. After visiting the Met stairs for the first time.

It turns out that Ryan’s desire to attend the Met Gala was sparked by her visit to the Costume Institute’s “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” show in 2022, which she went to with her daughter Daisy. (The exhibit served as the Met Gala’s 2022 theme.) Ryan remarks, “Seeing Abraham Lincoln’s coat—the one he wore when he was assassinated—was moving.”

The celebrity attended the function in the company of designer Michael Kors, who made her a special black gown with floral embellishments. For Vogue, Kors describes Meg’s style as “the epitome of understated laid-back cool.” “She knows who she is and has honed her appearance during her career. Designers typically like working with opinionated people.

It felt the same way for Ryan.

“He’s all about this easygoing, airy, chic American vibe.” Ryan continues, “I appreciate how inspired by classic Hollywood elegance he is.”He’s also a lot of fun; he’s really smart and amusing if you want to spend the night with someone.

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