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Medical Inflation in India: How Aarthi Scans is Making Quality Diagnosis Affordable

Published: July 13, 2023

The cost of healthcare in India is rising at an alarming rate. According to a recent report by the National Health Systems Resource Centre, the medical inflation rate in India was 14% in 2022. This means that the cost of healthcare is increasing by 14% every year.

ER. V. Govindarajan, Founder, Aarthi Scans & Labs

The cost to diagnose a disease should not make a patient poor, that their treatment becomes unaffordable,” and that’s a vision we believe is worth lighting for! says ER. V. Govindarajan, Founder, Aarthi Scans & Labs.

This rise in healthcare costs is having a devastating impact on patients. The financial constraint can result in delays in diagnosis and treatment. Such delays can have serious consequences, as early diagnosis and treatment are often crucial in saving lives.

The prices of CT scans, MRI scans, and blood tests (which are routinely used for diagnosis) have all seen significant price increases in recent years. For example, the cost of a CT scan has increased by 52% in the past five years, while the average salary of an employed individual has only increased by 12%.

The rising cost of diagnostic tests is particularly difficult for patients who need to be tested urgently. Standalone diagnostic centres and those in hospitals often charge higher rates for patients availing services at night time.

To bring affordability to diagnostics and access to a large number of patients, in a revolutionary move, Aarthi Scans and Labs have reduced their prices by more than 50% and also have decided to charge even lesser at night time.

The cost of an MRI scan at any other diagnostic centre will be Rs. 7500, whereas at Aarthi Scans, it is priced at Rs 3500 during the day and Rs. 2750 at night.

Unlike other hospitals and diagnostic centres that levy additional charges for scans conducted during night-time hours, Aarthi Scans and Labs proudly reduces prices by 63% for scans conducted after 7 PM. This forward-thinking approach not only promotes access to essential healthcare services but also strives to make them more affordable for the wider population.

With an extensive presence, Aarthi Scans and Labs has expanded its footprint across 10 states, boasting an impressive network of over 250 branches.

With a legacy spanning 34 years, Aarthi Scans and Labs has earned the trust and admiration of countless individuals. This remarkable tenure stands as a proof to their consistent delivery of exceptional healthcare services, even amidst the challenges of rising medical inflation.

With commitment to price transparency, all their prices are readily available in

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