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This multi-talented German woman is Mrs. Universe UAE 2021, a model, an entrepreneur, and an influencer. She has developed a successful career as a fashion entrepreneur and established herself as a well-known figure in the modelling and fashion industries.

She was named the official ambassador of ESTÉE LAUDER cosmetics in Germany and the Arabic Swarovski crystal clothing line SOL ANGELANN. She is renowned for her elegant taste and enticing sense of style.

Her other collaborative partners include Yasya Minochkina, La Metamorphose, Lords&Fools, Jacob and Co., Stephane Rolland, Ziad Nakad, Gaby Charbachy, Gemy Maalouf, Georges Hobeika, Nicolas Besson, and Fawaz Gruosi High Jewellery.

In addition to her work in fashion, Lison has achieved success as an influencer on Instagram, where she connects with her 300k followers by sharing her motivational experiences and stories. She became the first German woman to win Mrs Universe UAE in 2021, making history in the process. The freshly crowned beauty queen appeared on the cover of the esteemed L’officiel Arabia in March 2021.

Marina attended the Ezra Couture show in Dubai, a renowned design house, during the most recent Middle Eastern Fashion Week.

“I was enamoured by Ezra Santos’ enduring and magnificent works of art because of their attention to detail. So, I reasoned, why not introduce his distinctive designs to Frankfurt’s or rather Germany’s, fashion industry? Conservative Germany is missing a sense of the fantastic, she claimed. 

“Frankfurt, where I was born and raised, is a lively and energetic city, though I must admit that fashion has never played a significant role in its development or history. I attend several fashion weeks as a fashion enthusiast and influencer, meet a lot of incredibly great designers, and I love to contribute to their continued visibility.”