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March Policy Bulletin Navigating the Green Frontier

Published: March 28, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Each month, Copenhagen Fashion Week delves into the European policy landscape and its implications for the fashion industry to keep brands and our wider network informed about the latest developments in the regulatory sphere.

Navigating the Green Frontier

Integrating Environmental Performance into Business Assessments In this issue, we explore how businesses are integrating environmental performance into their assessments as they are at a pivotal moment, compelled to substantiate their environmental claims like never before.

The Genesis of Environmental Accountability

The call for businesses to substantiate their environmental claims is intricately linked to the European Green Deal. Within this framework, the Circular Economy Action Plan proposes that companies substantiate their environmental claims using robust, science-based, and verifiable methods. Fueled by heightened environmental consciousness, citizens now demand greater transparency and responsibility from the companies they support.

The Directive on Green Claims A Milestone to Transparency

The European Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive on Green Claims, complementing the Directive on Empowering Consumers in the Green Transition. Its primary goal is to ensure that citizens receive reliable, comparable, and verifiable environmental information on products, specifically targeting explicit claims made voluntarily by businesses in their communications. It covers the environmental impact or performance of a product or the business itself, addressing areas not currently covered by the EU.

Key Measures of the Directive on Green Claims

Clear CriteriaThe proposal outlines precise criteria for companies to prove their environmental claims & labels, ensuring consistency & reliability. Independent VerificationEnhancing credibility, the directive mandates that claims and labels be checked by an independent & accredited verifier, adding an extra layer of accountability.

The Journey towards Substantiating Claims The journey towards substantiating environmental claims begins with adopting business practices that evaluate and mitigate environmental impacts across the entire lifecycle of products & services. To authentically substantiate claims, businesses are integrating environmental metrics into their assessment frameworks.

Transition Pathway for Retail 

The European Commission has launched the Transition Pathway for Retail. This initiative marks a significant milestone in driving collaboration across the retail ecosystem to accelerate its green and digital transformation while bolstering its resilience. The Transition Pathway for Retail isn’t just about transforming the retail sector; it’s about reshaping it with sustainability at its core.

 Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) – Scandinavian Textile Initiative for Climate Action

The SFA invites you to their platform for accountability and leadership to drive industry change, supporting apparel and textile companies, as well as the entire apparel and textiles industry, to reduce its climate impacts in line with the 1.5C warming pathway, while strengthening its global competitiveness. We currently have 50+ company members in our Climate Action Program & Network committing to science-informed targets, reporting and reducing their emissions on an annual basis.

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