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Mango launches an exclusive party collection with Jen Ceballos

Published: November 3, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain
  • The Miami-based Colombian model and content creator, Jen Ceballos, is extending her collaboration with Mango with a limited-edition party collection made up of 60 garments and accessories.
  • The collection is made up of garments that include dresses, coats and accessories to create party looks.
  • Mango has a long tradition of collaborations with key players in the fashion industry.

Mango, one of Europe’s most global fashion brands, is proud to present its latest collaboration with Jen Ceballos.

The Miami-based Colombian model and content creator presents a style that is the maximum expression of timeless sophistication, sensuality and minimalism, attributes that also perfectly define this collection, created to reflect the best version of each person. Through images and videos on her Instagram profile @EndlesslyLoveClub, she presents relaxed and classic looks with sexy and daring touches, as well as her taste in interior design, travel and nature.

The Mango Girl will create a party collection based on her naturally sophisticated style, in combination with the global focus of Mango. The limited-edition collection will feature metallic tones, lace dresses and garments full of subtle details and sensual transparencies. As for accessories, we travel through time to the minimalist side of the 2000s to discover heeled boots, peep-toe sandals, chokers and mini-bags, which perfectly balance and complement the rest of the collection.

The capsule features key garments such as long and short lace dresses and powerful leather and woollen coats. These pieces are combined with basics such as long-sleeved t-shirts, tailored skirts and trousers and even jeans and a white shirt, two garments which, combined correctly, can become a very special party outfit.

It also features sensual transparencies and shiny details, in the form of sequins, satin fabrics and subtle details, including a pair of totally silver trousers. And in the accessories, we can also find a hair clip, an accessory that Jen wears at all times.

The colour palette moves between neutral tones such as greys, blacks, browns and whites, which are combined with certain shades of blue, such as sky or night blue, and turquoise.

With regard to the presentation campaign for the collection, mirrors, screens and reflections are a key element in the aesthetic and universe of Jen. For this reason, they are a recurring feature in the images, connecting the party collection with the star of the campaign, its creator. In it, she explains how she gets ready for a party. From the moment she decides what to wear until she meets up with her friends, we accompany Jen throughout her party night in Miami.

Mango has collaborated with other brands, artists and talents on previous occasions. Key collaborations include those with Chufy, Pernille Teisbaek, Leandra Medine and, more recently, the Californian brand Simon Miller or the influencer Camille Charrière, with whom Mango developed a party collection in 2022. Through this project, the firm is strengthening its ties with its community, while feeding off the personality and value offered by a fresh perspective and a new interpretation of Mango’s Mediterranean style.

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