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One notable decline in particular this year has shown the rise and fall of trends: waistlines. It’s official: low-rise jeans are making a comeback in all their sultry, pearl-clutching glory. Designers’ recent seasons that incorporated elements from the 2000s were red flags. Low-rise jeans, previously believed to have been sent to the fashion history books along with belly chains and unironic bandanas, are riding the crest of this year’s noughties nostalgia. Whether you like them or not.

There was Bella Hadid’s summer wardrobe, Julia Fox’s sub-pubic swoop, Emily Ratajkowski’s bandeau and bottom-skimming trouser look at the Balenciaga Haute Couture show in Paris, and Britney Spear’s return to form after a 20-year absence from the music industry.

You may recall being motivated (or discouraged, depending on your perspective) by celebrities like Christina Aguileira (then known as X-tina, in her Dirty phase), the aforementioned Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Destiny’s Child, and the other queens and It-girls of the 2000s if you are old enough to have experienced the trend the first time around. You might even recall that to participate in the craze, you had to engage in some clever intimate landscaping.

The Spring 2022 runways, on the other hand, were crowded with slouchy, oversized forms that hit way below the belt, as opposed to the ultra-slim or bootcut styles of the past. For a chino version of the internet-breaking viral pleated mini skirt from earlier this year, go to MiuMiu’sSpring 2022 collection. alsoBlumarine.