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L’Oreal Stays Confident in Chinese Market Amid Ingredient Disclosure Tensions

Published: January 19, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Despite concerns about detailed ingredient disclosure requested by China for cosmetics makers, L’Oreal remains confident in the potential of the Chinese market. The European Union raised issues last year regarding the extensive product information required for beauty companies like L’Oreal to sell their products in China.

New rules in China demand cosmetics firms to provide comprehensive data, covering ingredients, manufacturing processes, raw material sourcing, and formula composition. European companies worry about potential disclosure of trade secrets under the pretext of product safety. However, there’s currently no evidence to suggest China is misusing the collected information.

France and China have agreed to collaborate in enhancing the regulatory environment for cosmetics to safeguard market access and product safety. L’Oreal’s CEO, Nicolas Hieronimus, affirmed that China will continue to be a crucial source of growth for L’Oreal, especially with the increasing middle class. He emphasized ongoing investments in the Chinese market and assured compliance with regulations without revealing proprietary recipe secrets.

Hieronimus also mentioned expectations for an improvement in sales trends in travel retail, particularly in Asia, with a potential upturn in the second half of 2024. L’Oreal is set to report annual results on February 8.

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