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In FY2023, Siddharth R. Dungarwal, the company’s creator, stated that homegrown clothing firm Snitch plans to record revenues of Rs 90 crore by betting on the rapidly growing fast-fashion market for males in India.Snitch, a 2019 startup, began as a B2B platform that produced regular clothing for shops. In its first year of business, the brand brought in Rs 17 crore, according to Dungarwal. With only 30 to 35 products available on its website, the company relaunched as a direct-to-consumer brand as COVID took hold.

Dungarwal stated that everyone wants to appear beautiful thanks to apps like Tinder and Instagram when discussing the quick fashion style that is becoming more popular in India. GenZ in particular, and it is fully digital.With the recent debut of Snitch Plus, the brand entered the plus size market. According to Dungarwal, the company intends to further enter the plus size market with a variety of product options, including chinos, t-shirts, and more. Currently, Snitch sells men’s clothing in a variety of categories, including loungewear, innerwear, formal wear, and casual wea

The brand recently debuted on internet marketplaces and mostly does retail business through its own website and app. Additionally, according to Dungarwal, the shop intends to close its physical locations and create 6 to 8 digital experience stores in the upcoming six months. The states that the company is aiming for are Maharashtra, Telangana, Delhi NCR, and Karnataka. He went on to say that the shops will be compact, technologically advanced, and would offer the best products.