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Lobb & its Eight-year Journey – We are on Track

Published: December 11, 2023

It was 2015 two minds were thinking of creating something which will create the ripples in the most unorganised segment which is Logistics in India. Jayaram & Venu passionate and ambitious duo came together with a shared dream of creating something extraordinary. This diverse experience, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table, embarked on a journey to build a startup that would disrupt the industry. Jayaram relocated to India from the USA, got an opportunity to work with uncle s team to set up and run a logistics company with PAN India presence. He initially joined to develop software for them, later involved in business and operations. Closed worked with all the stakeholders who were totally unorganized, fragmented and the entire process is manual and time consuming. India was beginning to transform the way business is done digitally, for example the way air tickets and bus tickets were booked. While Venu had the experience in developing software for logistics, they both bumped into one another other several times to brainstorm logistics market in India. The idea of Lobb was born out of both founders discussion for almost six months.

Lobb on wheels

The spark that ignited their entrepreneurial spirit was a common dissatisfaction with the status quo. They saw inefficiencies, gaps in the market, and opportunities waiting to be seized. Fuelled by their shared vision, they decided to channel their energy into creating a solution that would not only address existing problems but also redefine the way people approached a particular aspect of their lives. Jayaram says, “We had tried several approaches to solve the issues and few failed also. We believe in “try and fail first” approach. In 2019 as per our investors suggestion we stuck to few markets and few products, this approach gave us encouraging results and made a good number of transactions. Started replicating the same by opening several branches which include adding more employees.

The team spent countless hours brainstorming, conducting market research, and refining their concept. Through the ups and downs of countless iterations, they honed in on a unique value proposition that set them apart from the competition. The idea was innovative, and they believed it had the potential to make a significant impact. Infact Venu Kondur CEO spent considerable time with fleet owners & drivers, Venu says, “To get a feel of their daily routine & business I spent three days with truckers day & night.”

With the concept solidified, the next hurdle was securing funding to turn their vision into reality. Undeterred, the team pitched their idea to investors, leveraging their passion and belief in the project. It wasnt an easy journey, but their persistence paid off when they secured the necessary funding to take the first steps toward building their startup. Says Venu, “Again this market is huge, traditional brokers with micro market presence are our competition. I dont see that as a competition and our value added services make a huge difference. There is enough meat for everyone to create a large business.

Armed with financial support, the team worked tirelessly to develop a prototype of their product or service. The team faced technical challenges, logistical hurdles, and the inevitable setbacks that come with any ambitious undertaking. However, each obstacle was met with resilience and a commitment to learning and adapting.

As the prototype took shape, the team shifted their focus to marketing and building a community around the brand. Lobb recognized the importance of not just selling a product but creating an experience for their users. Social media, word-of-mouth, and innovative marketing campaigns became their tools to generate buzz and interest in what they were creating.

Finally, the day arrived when Lobb was officially launched. The response was overwhelming – positive reviews poured in, and users embraced the solution with open arms. The startup quickly gained traction, and its success exceeded even the teams most optimistic expectations.

With success came new challenges – scaling operations, managing increased demand, and staying ahead of the competition. Yet, the teams foundation of passion, innovation, and resilience carried them through. They continued to adapt, evolve, and expand, turning their startup into a formidable player in the industry. Says Venu, “Lobb has a very strong presence in South & West of India & our target is to spread wings in North & East which is under action.

And so, Lobb that began as a shared dream in a small room evolved into a thriving business, leaving an indelible mark on the market and inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. The story of Lobb logistics serves as a testament to the power of vision, teamwork, and unwavering determination in the face of challenges.

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