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Published: August 10, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Among many other things, mothers make the best endurance athletes. Its maternity brand, Nike (M), has since been expanded to support women worldwide during the entire pregnancy and beyond. Nike (M) was created by combining analytics from more than 150,000 comparison scans of pregnant and non-pregnant women. It is an example of Nike’s inclusive design philosophy.

Throughout the design process, close to 30 female athletes who were expecting or recently gave birth offered detailed comments on fit, feel, and functioning. According to Carmen Zolman, Nike VP of Innovation Apparel Design, “Motherhood isn’t a one size fits all role, and we incorporated that concept with our inclusive design approach while creating the Nike (M) line.

Giving birth is undoubtedly one of the physiological experiences that has the most impact on a person’s life. Regardless matter whether she is a biological mom, surrogate mom, adoptive mom, adoptive stepmom, or another sort of mom, each mom’s journey and recovery are different. The timeline of motherhood typically extends beyond nine months. For many women with many children, managing parenthood from before conception through pregnancy and postpartum can take up to ten years.

Given that parenthood also ushers in a new chapter in a woman’s relationship with her body and with sport, it can be difficult for expecting and new moms to receive the support they need to find sport and continue to move around after giving birth. The brand wants to provide woman the freedom to throughout her entire pregnancy.

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