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Published: November 7, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

More alternatives for mature makeup, skin treatments that increase collagen, and a summer glow that lasts all winter are all things that consumers are looking for.

The ideal technique to stay glowing during the chilly winter months, when skin frequently loses its colour and vigour, is with body highlighter. (Except, of course, for holiday getaways to far-off islands.) Spate advises manufacturers to think about ways to introduce popular formats (such as liquids or sticks) to body highlighters because the market for highlighter products in cosmetics is also rising +20.0% YoY. In addition, there has been an increase in the number of searches for body glitter spray (+225.7%), body shimmer oil (+31.7% YoY), and shimmer body lotion (+24.9% YoY), indicating that customers continue to want skin that glows in addition to their faces.

The popular in-office procedure Morpheus 8 has a number of benefits, including tighter skin and enhanced collagen production.

According to Spate, Morpheus 8 receives 72.4K monthly searches on average in the US, a high rate compared to other face providers. Searches have increased by +78.5% since previous year.

The cosmetic skin procedure known as Morpheus 8 uses radiofrequency and microneedling to tighten the skin and improve overall texture. For those seeking a reasonably long-term remedy, the results last for around a year, making it a tempting option. Top linked issues include tightness and acne scarring.

Customers are looking to employ this service beyond their face as evidenced by their searches for jowls, neck, and stomach. Spate encourages businesses to use this information to identify the top consumer concerns and demonstrate to those consumers how at-home remedies can address those worries.

More options for makeup for aged skin are sought after by consumers.

According to Spate, Mature Skin Makeup receives 4.9K monthly searches on average in the US. Compared to other general makeup searches, this one has a modest volume. With little rivalry and L’Oréal as the sole market leader, searches have increased by +30.9% since last year.

Customers that are older are looking for cosmetics that complements their aged skin. This is distinct from product searches for ageing skin treatments. These customers have not yet identified a go-to brand for their mature skin makeup needs, according to searches for the best alongside mature skin makeup. Low competition is the current trend.

When creating and/or promoting their goods (through goofy social media posts or TikToks), makeup companies frequently overlook the Gen-X demographic, which is a missed opportunity given that older consumers typically have more disposable cash to spend on cosmetics. However, the search for drugstore accompanying makeup for mature skin demonstrates that customers still prefer goods that are easily accessible and affordable.

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