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India has set an ambitious target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2070. This necessitates
significant efforts from every sector, including the shopping mall industry, which is a major contributor
to India’s economy and a massive energy consumer, resulting in a significant impact on the environment. As we approach World Earth Day, it is essential to recognize the critical role we all must
play in reducing our carbon footprint and creating a cleaner and greener future.

Adopting innovative measures, shopping malls can significantly reduce environmental impact and
contribute to India’s net-zero carbon emissions target. These measures not only benefit the
environment but also lead to cost savings for retailers, creating a win-win situation. Moreover, as
consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, consumer preference will tend to shift towards malls
that adopt eco-friendly measures.

An inspiring example is KORUM Mall in Thane. The mall has taken significant steps to reduce its
carbon footprint by installing a solar power generation system that has offset and reduced electricity
consumption. The mall design is such that allows natural sunlight inside the mall premises resulting in
reduced lighting and in so doing reduced consumption of electricity in that whole area. The mall has
also replaced traditional lights with energy-efficient LED lights with timers installed to reduce electricity consumption.

Various waste management practices including segregation of wet and dry waste, converting organic
waste into compost, etc. has been rigorously implemented. The mall has a 600 kg capacity OWC
machine which helps convert wet waste into compost. Waste water generated at the mall is collected
and recycled in the Sewage Treatment Plant for use in washroom flushing systems. The mall also has
dedicated green area where recycled water from the STP and OWC compost is used.

While more and more of such eco-friendly initiatives are under evaluation, these make KORUM a
prime example of how the shopping mall industry can contribute to a cleaner and greener planet.
Shopping mall industry is one significant area where implementation of sustainable practices is
usually challenging considering the fact that in switching over to these initiatives, customer experience
needs to be maintained and kept at the forefront. Therefore, the industry must embrace eco-friendly
measures and take a proactive approach towards sustainability in a way that customer experience
continues to be at the apex.

Going green is essential for the environment as well as for the economy as these sustainable
practices can lead to job creation, reduction in operating costs, and improvement in their reputation
which ultimately translates into better top line and bottom line. On this World Earth Day, let us all
recognize the importance of sustainable practices and take meaningful steps towards a better future.
Together, we can create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world for generations to come.

Authored by:
Mr. Deva Jyotula
Head, KORUM Mall