Published: August 12, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

~ #Skindependence75 brings together 75 Kaya Dermatologists to share beauty secrets and dispel beauty myths~

Kaya, India’s leading skincare & the largest dermatologist network enabled brand,unveils its #Skindependence75 digital campaign. Staying true to its new identity and punctuated by a new purpose fuelled mantra “Beautiful is You”- Kaya, aims to dispel popular beauty myths through its select 75 in house dermatologists for the 75th Independence day.

This campaign aims to give its customers freedom from the restrictions of traditional myths by sharing 75 beauty secrets to its millions of customers. Kaya has been at the forefront of skin health and the Kaya dermatologists carry with them the knowledge and experience to share their expertise and break down myths that their customers have believed in since time in memorial.

75 of Kaya’s dermatologists have come together to shatter common skin care misconceptions from whether cold water minimizes pores to can the sun treat acne? The experts are committed to make skin care accessible to all and promote Kaya’s motto of “Beautiful is you”.

Samyukta Ganesh Iyer, VP and Head of Marketing, Kaya said, “At Kaya, we believe that every individual should achieve their desired beauty dream and we are here to help you do just that by dispelling common beauty myths that our customers have believed in for the longest time. While we believe ‘beautiful is you’ and you define your own beauty, we also want our customers to know the deference between beauty secrets and myths. ”

Kaya’s unique offerings of fabulous services and bespoke products curated by world class skin-fluencers, 90+ expert dermats, using the latest best in class technology crafts an experience that’s steeped in luxury and driven by high expertise. Our lovely campaign- #Skindependence is a clear call to action welcoming consumers into the Kaya journey to get the most beautiful skin and hair of their dreams.

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