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Kate Middleton Channels ’80s Glam at Wimbledon: A Perfectly On-Theme Outfit

Published: July 20, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

On the second day of the Wimbledon championships, the Princess of Wales, known for her impeccable style, made a memorable appearance at the tournament. As both a patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) and a talented tennis player herself, her outfit exuded elegance and a touch of ’80s-inspired flair.

Staying true to Wimbledon’s tradition of white attire on the tennis court, the princess opted for a classic yet contemporary ensemble for her sideline appearance. Her outfit was a nod to on-court fashion, showcasing a white and green color palette that is synonymous with the tournament.

The princess’s standout piece was a preppy white pleated midi-length skirt, which added a touch of sophistication to her look. The pleated design harkened back to the timeless elegance often associated with Wimbledon’s spectator style. The choice of a midi-length skirt further emphasized the princess’s refined taste and adherence to the event’s formal atmosphere.

While the princess adhered to the tournament’s white dress code, she added an ’80s-inspired twist to her ensemble. This infusion of retro style showcased her fashion-forward approach and ability to put a modern spin on classic looks. The combination of tradition and innovation in her outfit perfectly captured the spirit of Wimbledon’s sideline fashion.

As a style icon, the princess’s choice of attire at Wimbledon undoubtedly set a trend. Her outfit exemplified the fusion of classicism and contemporary fashion, inspiring spectators and fashion enthusiasts alike. With her sophisticated yet subtly bold ensemble, the princess demonstrated her knack for effortlessly incorporating personal style into formal traditions.

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