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Karen Mabon provides Barbie with her own luxurious sleepwear

Published: July 17, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Luxury sleepwear designer Karen Mabon has recently launched a limited-edition collaboration with the iconic fashion doll Barbie. The collection consists of six pieces that draw inspiration from various iconic Barbies throughout the years, capturing the nostalgia and fantasy associated with the beloved toy.

One of the standout pieces in the collection pays homage to the original 1959 Barbie with a poolside print, featuring the instantly recognizable chevron swimsuit that has become synonymous with the doll. This design celebrates the heritage of Barbie and showcases the enduring appeal of her classic looks.

The collaboration combines nostalgia with the limitless fantasy associated with Barbie, creating a collection that appeals to fans of all ages. The two pyjama sets in the collection are made from 100 percent GOTS-certified cotton, ensuring both comfort and sustainability. The illustrations used in the pyjama sets are inspired by Barbie’s 60th anniversary, showcasing iconic moments and styles from her extensive history.

Karen Mabon’s personal connection to Barbie is evident in the collection, with the Barbie Archive print drawing inspiration from the designer’s own memories of visiting toy stores and seeing the diverse range of Barbie dolls available. This print captures the joy and wonder associated with Barbie, evoking a sense of nostalgia and playfulness.

Karen Mabon x Barbie collaboration brings together the world of luxury sleepwear and the iconic doll, offering a unique and stylish collection for Barbie enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike. The collaboration celebrates Barbie’s rich history while adding a contemporary twist, showcasing the enduring appeal of the beloved doll through the lens of high-end sleepwear design.

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