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KALKI Elevates Bengaluru’s Fashion Scene: A Grand Inauguration in Jayanagar Redefining Couture Experiences

Published: November 30, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

KALKI’s grand entrance into Bengaluru’s bustling Jayanagar on November 20th marks not only the opening of a new store but a captivating chapter for fashion enthusiasts in the city. The significant inauguration, graced by the presence of the Bollywood luminary Rakul Preet Singh, underscores KALKI’s strategic expansion into the vibrant fashion landscape of southern India.

In the face of global challenges, KALKI has navigated a prosperous year in the business of ethnic Indian fashion and fusion wear. Following its recent showcase at the renowned Lakme Fashion Week, the brand brings its latest collections to the Bengaluru store, introducing patrons to the exquisite craftsmanship and design prowess that defines KALKI. Notable lines like Zayra and DEME by Gabriella x KALKI take center stage, promising an eclectic mix of traditional elegance and contemporary allure.

The Bengaluru store, beyond being a retail space, serves as an immersive experience for fashion connoisseurs. Whether one is seeking opulent lehengas for special occasions or elegant fusion wear ensembles tailored for the upcoming wedding season, KALKI offers a diverse array, embodying sophistication and luxury. The brand’s appeal extends to bridesmaids and brides alike, presenting creations characterized by intricate ornamentation, breathtaking silhouettes, and a refined aesthetic that transcends time.

Expanding its offerings beyond women’s wear, the Bengaluru store introduces a thoughtfully curated selection of men’s fashion. Charming sherwanis, nonchalant kurta sets, and tailored suits showcase KALKI’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and inclusive fashion experience.Nishit Gupta, Director of KALKI, shares his excitement about entering Bengaluru, a city synonymous with innovation. He envisions the 8000 sq ft store as more than a retail space, describing it as an intimate setting crafted for personal styling, a perfect fit for every special occasion. Gupta invites fashion enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a realm where trends undergo a magnificent transformation, asserting that KALKI is poised to showcase the art of couture in the tech capital, inviting everyone to experience the essence of timeless fashion.

In essence, KALKI’s foray into Bengaluru not only expands its geographical presence but also brings a touch of couture magic to a city known for its dynamic spirit, creating a destination where fashion becomes an immersive and unforgettable experience.

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