Justin Bieber being in the oversized clothing zone.

Published: June 8, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Mokshika Chauhan

Going enormous is the same old thing for the star, yet where could the breaking point be? In oversized, Justin Bieber resides. It’s a pleasant life. He wears cotton-terry hoodies to swim. His pants have the texture of the sails on a sailing ship from the 17th century, and he is able to see through his magnified, bug-eyed sunglasses. He just does things that way. Yet, what happens when your garments become quicker than you do? Justin Bieber continues to live happily in his baggy style when he isn’t playing the public call-and-response matched clothing game with his wife Hailey. Bieber appears unfazed by the
shrinking silhouettes around him as we recover from the scare of a potential revival of Indie Sleaze, when tight t-shirts and skinny jeans dominated the fashion landscape. Bieber was seen with his wife Hailey, as he usually does. We should also mention that Hailey also tapped into her oversized wardrobe, but Bieber was the one wearing the (baggy) pants.

Bieber was wearing some of his largest pants to date, and underneath the plain grey hoodie was an oversized white shirt. Taking a workwear style beige pant and adding a couple of extra creeps from waistline to sew opening. completing the ensemble with a pair of slippers from Drew, which he has yet to release.

This is a complete break in every sense of the word, not content with the age-old custom of the break in pants sitting pretty above the shoe. We ask you, Justin, “where do we draw the line?” when the hemline of your pants literally eats your shoes. How curiously large is excessively larger than average? Will denim or tracksuits appear to have had air injected into them? Similar oversized leather jackets have been worn with chocolate brown slacks in the past, providing ample room around the thighs for a comfortable roundhouse kick.

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